Oliver Roth – Head Sailing Instructor

Oliver has been sailing at the Dunewood Yacht Club since 1996. After winning the Perpetual in 2007, he became an instructor. In 2012, Oliver took on the role of Head Sailing Instructor. He graduated in 2012 from Johns Hopkins University. Oliver now runs a theater production company, OHenry Productions. Oliver claims to have made it through an entire day speaking only in iambic pentameter.

Jake Singer – Assistant Head Sailing Instructor

Jake started taking sailing lessons at the Yacht Club in 2001. He joined the staff four summers ago after winning the Perpetual in 2010. He currently attends Wesleyan University where he is studying Economics. Jake has never slipped on the ramp at the yacht club in his life.

Zach Resnick – Sailing Instructor

Zach has been teaching at the DYC since 2010. He attends Tulane University where he is an engineering physics major. Zach is very happy he is not bussing tables at Le Dock.

Emmett Wechsler – Sailing Instructor

2014 marks Emmett’s fourth summer with us at the yacht club instructing. When not out on the water, he can be seen playing Ultimate Frisbee at Hobart College. This spring he visited Ireland and his favorite food is mangos.

Jacob Henner – Sailing Instructor

Jake Henner is a Computer Sciences major at the University of Pennsylvania. This is his third year teaching at the yacht club after winning the Perpetual in 2011. Jake is an EMT for the Fair Harbor Fire Department and a very busy man.  He claims to know over 130 different knots.

Maddy Fritz – Sailing Instructor

Maddy is returning to the Dunewood Yacht Club for the second summer this year. Last summer she was a C.I.T. and also won the Perpetual. She is a rising senior at LaGuardia High School and she really can’t wait for Ocean Day!

Sanjay Day – C.I.T.

Sanjay won the Perpetual in 2012, when he was only 13 years old. We are excited to have him on our staff this year as a C.I.T. Sanjay has been to 32 of the U.S. States.